Deborah M Lawson


BA Hons (Art & Design) City & Guilds (Adult Education)


Deborah studied Art and Design at Bradford College and gained her degree in painting and fine art textiles.  


Her preferred medium is watercolour with which she aims to achieve a balance between directing the paint and allowing it to ‘speak for itself’: expressing its intrinsic properties of translucency, granulation and ‘blooms’ which often reflect the patterns and textures found in nature.

She enjoys experimenting and paints a range of subjects: flowers, landscapes, seascapes, portraits, abstracts and since living in Gibraltar, monkeys!  The main inspirations for her paintings are colour, people and the natural world. 


Her work is informed by contemporary watercolour artists John Blockley and Freida Waldapfel and inspiration is drawn from the delicate lines and harmonious spatial proportions of 16th century Japanese landscape painting.


Deborah moved to Gibraltar in March 2007 since when she has had two solo exhibitions at Sacarello’s and one at Gibraltar Arts and Crafts Centre.  She has exhibited at a number of open exhibitions organised by the Government of Gibraltar and at the Gibraltar Fine Arts Association.


Deborah accepts comissions and teaches watercolour classes to adults.    

© 2016 by Deborah M Lawson

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