Deborah loves to paint from life and especially flowers. 

Many of the pictures on view are examples of paintings from life.

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Poppies (39cm x 61cm)
Hazlewood Castle Virginia Creeper (34cm x 52cm)
Blue Poppies (27cmx50cm,)
Poppies 1 (39cm x 50cm)
Iris (17cmx27cm)
California Poppies (36cmx50cm)
Olive Tree (in Cyprus for Adi) (32cmx36cm)
Tree at Limeuil (for Rita & Iain) (37cm x 39cm)
Cherries 2 Watercolour (34cm x 15cm)
Peony Buds Watercolour (27cm x 51cm)

© 2016 by Deborah M Lawson

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Poppies 1 (39cm x 50cm)