Portraits vary in style from the closely representative to the looser, more expressive. 

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Welder - Watercolour (23cmx33xm)
Ijaz Khan - Watercolour (41cmx41cm)
Olivier - Watercolour (23cmx24cm)
Anmol - Watercolour (28cmx31cm)
Anmol - Watercolour (17cmx21cm)
Laura - Watercolour (29cmx49cm)
Caroline - Watercolou (15.5cmx18.5cm)
Marcus Horatio Bland - Watercolour (33cmx55cm)
Ben & Elise
DJ Charlotte - Watercolour (24cmx34cm)
Cody & Kyle - Watercolour (45cmx31cm)
Francis Imossi - Watercolour (35cmx28cm)
Chihuahua - Watercolour (20cmx19cm)
Chloe - Watercolour (17cmx18cm)
Sir George Gaggero - Watercolour (33cmx50cm)
Elise - Watercolour (22cmx46cm)
Elise Ballerina - Watercolour (42cmx26cm)
Shaun Matthew Yeo - Watercolour (50cmx40cm)
Paul (Zooney) Alexander - Watercolour (22cmx20cm)
Mark Alexander - Watercolour (32cmx53cm)
Iain Curry - Watercolour (30cmx46cm)
Caroline & Adi - Watercolour (26cmx23cm)
Scott Alexander - Watercolour (28cmx50cm)
Yvonne Alexander - Watercolour (23cm x 30cm)

© 2016 by Deborah M Lawson

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Ijaz Khan - Watercolour (41cmx41cm)